I could never truly get how to actually spell halloween properly. Is it Hallow’een, or Halloween? Yep, it’s almost time for that time of year!

Halloween! Hooray!

We’ve got a super party planned with food, cocktails, mocktails, and much more. We’re taking Charles for a groom at a professional groomer, and we’ve got a whole host of fun games to play, and a weird mixture of mates to play them with! We’ve even got some little furry¬†mates for Charles to play with too!

So, if you’re reading this and you’re a fellow fossil hunter, inbox me and I’ll give you our address for the party. Woohoo!

iguana-244258_640 dinosaur-241962_640

What a week! Also – HELLO there!! I’m online – finally! Woohoo!

What a nightmare it was to set this blog up…. Yikes! But I got there in the end. The domain was apparently owned by someone else before me, and then the host messed up the site my cousin made for me, then I finally gave up and asked them to install wordpress¬†– and it looks really good! It needs some help here and there as the design isn’t that great yet but I’m looking forward to really getting in there with customization and having it really look the business and spot on. Thanks to my lovely, super tech-savvy friend James for setting this site up for me!!

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